March 10-12, 2023

  Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex

Launched in 2005, Digitec is the largest tech exhibition in the trans-Caucasus region, and the annual marquee event for Armenian high-tech industry. Every year, Digitec showcases the achievements and potential of the growing tech industry in Armenia and throughout the global reach of the Armenian technology network. Following the international success of WCIT19, Digitec reached a new level. Digitec21 Expo had more than 100 exhibiting companies and more than 60000 visitors. Simultaneously, the Digitec22 Summit , an international conference bringing together high-level technology executives from around the world, will allow guests to maximize their exposure and contribution to the region’s most important technological events.

Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE)

The Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE) is a High-Tech association of Armenia established in 2000 and representing technology companies, multinational corporations, organizations and institutions operating in Armenia. UATE’s mission is to position Armenia as one of the High-Tech market leaders by supporting a favorable business environment, implementing lobbying and development projects, supporting High-Tech education and consolidating the voices of the leading tech companies in Armenia.
In addition to hosting Digitec22, UATE launched and operates dozens of projects and events, including Armath Engineering Labs, the largest STEM education program in Armenia, with laboratories in over 600 schools and educational institutions throughout Armenia.


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