Other Events 2005-2011

UITE Expo implements a number of additional events stimulating advance of the informational and telecommunication field. Specifically, since 2005 local companies have been provided with the opportunities to participate in  a number of international ICT events like CeBit, GiTex, WITSA:

UITE Expo also organizes presentations of large international companies in Armenia  ("Microsoft RA”in April, 2006, "Oracle” in December,  2008), corporative events, sport competitions (IT CUP 2008, March-April), thematic discussions, round tables (Apaga Technologies "Internet security” seminar, February. 2009), educational, tourist programs (Shushi, October, 2006; April, 2007).


"DigiTec on Wheels"

Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) and Ministry of Territorial Administration, in cooperation with a number of Armenian ICT companies initiated "DigiTec on Wheels”.
Within the framework of "DigiTec on Wheels” outgoing tradeshow-fair participating organizations had an opportunity to exhibit, promote and sell their products and services, driving and stopping in regional towns. The event consists of expo, training and amusement components. "DigiTec on Wheels” has visited 42 towns and cover all the territory of RA and NKR through nine directions. Several special activities, including PR, public awareness campaigns and social events were designed and implemented to issue the efficiency of "DigiTec on Wheels” both for participant companies and their beneficiaries from the regions of Armenia. 


"DigiTec on Wheels” outgoing tradeshow-fair is designed to: 

  • Increase the use of products and services of ICT companies
  • Enlarge the ICT market
  • Make the ICT products and services more reachable for local communities
  • Stimulate the ICT development in local communities
  • Create an information society

Target visitors

  • Students
  • Schoolchildren
  • Representatives of local NGOs
  • Local authorities
  • Representatives of territorial administration
  • Representatives of local educational system
  • Businessmen

Anticipated benefits

  • Direct local sells
  • Entering local markets
  • Increasing the recognition of company’s name
  • Opportunity to establish business links and cooperation with local authorities
  • Choice/training of future employees
  • Perspective to open local representations
  • Opportunity of direct research/observation of local market
  • Presentation and promotion of provided services/programs
  • Stimulation of licensed programs sells instead of non-licensed versions
  • Organizing trainings, educational programs, seminars, presentations